About us

The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) established under an agreement between the Governments of India and the United States of America in March 2000, is an autonomous bilateral organization jointly funded by both the Governments that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry. The Department of Science & Technology, Governments of India and the U.S. Department of States are respective nodal departments.

about us


Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation space through collaborative initiatives between India and the United States of America



Act as a catalyst to promote long-term scientific collaborations between India and the U.S. through partnerships amongst individual scientists, scientific institutions and the scientific community at large.

Establish platforms and mechanisms to connect the S&T eco-systems of both the countries to act as a fertile ground to foster individual and institutional partnerships in a natural and sustainable manner.



Create awareness through exchange and dissemination of Information and Opportunities in S&T cooperation.

Capitalize and build on the scientific and technological synergy leading to long term partnerships on shared values.

Support an exciting program portfolio that leads to sustainable interactions and strengthens strategic partnerships.

Nurture contacts between young and mid-career scientists to develop mutual trust, foster excellence and explore new frontiers

Encourage public-private partnerships to foster elements of Innovation, Application and Enterprise.