Third Call Awards

Commercialization of cultivated sea plants based organic bio-stimulants for applications in the USA

Abhiram Seth

Aquagri Processing Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
Ganesh Vishwanath

SeaNutri LLC, Hayward, CA
The Problem:

There are two fundamental problems that are attempted the endemic poverty in India and the rising consumer demand for organic products in the US Market.

The Solution:

Aquagri has pioneered seaweed cultivation in India with a prime focus on creation of livelihood opportunities for the coastal communities and to enhance its sustainability by developing a wide range of value added products.
Aquagri through sea plant cultivation would help in expanding the cultivation base itself. GloBridge Ventures LLC plans to work in collaboration with Aquagri to market and distribute the products/solutions with a focus on organic segments that improves efficiency, lowers cost and improves the health of livestock and crop productivity.

Solar Electric Tractor- Agriculture and Power

Parimal Shah

Lovson Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad
Keith Rutledge

Solectrac LLC Willits, CA
The Problem:

Rising diesel prices make it very difficult for subsistence farmers in less developed countries to afford tractors to increase agricultural production.

The Solution:

The Solar Electric Tractor (Solectrac) is a full function agricultural tractor that operates with up to 5 times the efficiency of a diesel tractor performing the same farming tasks. The solar electric tractor with a battery-inverter system provides electric power anywhere anytime Solectracs can also be used for portable power, home power, water pumping and mechanical functions as well as for hauling and transportation needs. Because the Solectrac is electric its batteries can be charged directly by clean renewable energy or it can be charged at low cost from the electric utility grid at off-peak rates. Solectracs use patented "quick change" battery packs to extend operational periods.

Affordable, clean cookstove and electric power sources for rural India

Neha Juneja

Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai
Aleksandr Kushch

Hi-Z Technology Inc. San Diego, CA
The Problem:

Over 160 million households constituting 70% of India's population are cooking on polluting cookstoves/indoor open fires. Over 50 million households do not have access to reliable electricity..

The Solution:

The Greenway Power Stove is a complete household energy solution that combines clean cooking and reliable, on-demand power generation. The stove employs a novel clean combustion technology and state of the art thermoelectric power generation technology making it a high performance and user desirable solution. The solution is based on low cost thermoelectric modules that generate electricity from the stove during cooking. It cooks for a family of 8 delivering 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction while generating 5 watts of power i.e. a roomful of light (120 lumens) for 6 hours + a full smart phone recharge over 2.5 hours of cooking. It has been designed maintaining usability features such as a front feeding design and control over combustion and power generation.

Affordable and User-Centric Knee Joints to Remobilize Above-Knee Amputees in India and Globally

Pooja Mukul

Bhagwan Mahaveer, Viklang SahayataSamiti (BMVSS), Jaipur
Krista Donaldson

D-Rev, (Design Revolution) San Francisco, CA
The Problem:

Over 1.9 million people in India are above-the-knee amputees and unable to live productive lives. With 77% of India's population living under $2 a day, amputees rarely receive rehabilitation and have no access to quality prostheses.

The Solution:

The team proposes to co-develop an affordable polycentric and user-centric knee joints the ReMotion Knee version 3 to remobilize above-knee amputees in India and globally. The ReMotion Knee is a high-performance, low-cost prosthetic knee joint for above-knee amputees specifically designed for low-resource users. ReMotion is radically affordable. It will retail at less than $80, yet designed to perform on par or better than expensive polycentric knees, which usually start at $1,400. Unlike other prosthetic knees, ReMotion will be optimized specifically for the environment, activities, and price parameters of low-resource users. The US-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund will support the final development, testing and launch of the ReMotion knee (version 3). With the US– India S & T Endowment Fund support the ReMotion Knee will reach global markets in 2014.

Easy to use, Integrated Neonatal Resuscitation Solution

Avijit Bansal

Windmill Health Technologies New Delhi
Dan Harden

Whipsaw San Jose, CA
The Problem:

Five out of every hundred babies born (6 million worldwide, 1.3 M in India every year) has birth asphyxia. In fact, 904,000 children (210,000 in India) will die and an equal number will be disabled for life every year. 811,000 deaths annually from Birth Asphyxia,largely preventable by basic resuscitation. Current devices are difficult to use, ineffective especially in developing world.

The Solution:

The innovation (NeoBreathe TM) is an integrated neonatal resuscitation solution that's much easier to use and suitable for field conditions. It will therefore empower front-line health workers such as medical professionals, community health workers, midwives and other skilled birth attendants to perform basic neonatal resuscitation effectively – with minimal training.

OneBreath: Affordable mechanical ventilation for India

Ashwin Naik

Vaatsalya, Bangalore
Matthew Callaghan

OneBreath, Inc., Palo Alto, CA
The Problem:

Respiratory illness is a leading cause of hospitalization and death in developing nations. Each year thousands of patients die because of lack of early access to mechanical ventilation.

The Solution:

In this project, Vaatsalya and OneBreath will develop and commercialization of a novel ventilator specifically addressing the need for high quality pre-hospital and emergency care in India’s lower income populations. The designed ventilator will specifically appeal to rural and semi-rural hospitals treating a range of respiratory patients. The cost, durability and ease of use are critical factors to be considered.

Commercializing a scalable low-cost arsenic remediation technology for societal impact

Joyashree Roy

Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Shashi Buluswar

ITT Inc., Oakland, CA
The Problem:

About 60 million individuals in West Bengal and Bangladesh, along with millions more in China, Nepal, and Cambodia, are exposed to high levels of naturally occurring arsenic every time they drink from their local well.

The Solution:

The team have developed and patented Electro Chemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) which enables low cost affordable arsenic-remediation of water, within a sustainable service delivery model. Under this model, safe water would be provided to school children while excess may be sold at a low cost affordable price. This public-private partnership would ensure that the plant is not abandoned due to failed maintenance that has plagued other implementations.

Blindness Prevention through Integrated Smartphone Technology

Nahush Katti

Doctor On LLC Columbia, MO

Vikram Arun

Doctor On LLC Columbia, MO

The Problem:

According to World Health Organization, estimates suggest that over 80% of all undiagnosed cataract conditions will lead to permanent blindness as acute ophthalmic problem is exacerbated without timely diagnosis.

The Solution:

The ultimate objective of the proposal is to serve the rural/impoverished population of the world in meeting their most important ophthalmic diagnostic requirements. The team strongly believe that their innovative smartphone based diagnostic technology has tremendous commercial potential because of its simplicity and its ability to provide high-resolution images for the accurate diagnosis of cataract and various other debilitating human diseases for rural and impoverished patients.