Important Notice for BHAVAN Awardees 2019/2020

With the recent travel ban and advisories issued by the Indian and U.S. Governments due to the Coronavirus situation, and in light of the U. S. Embassy cancelling all current and future visa appointments in India for an indefinite period of time, BHAVAN awardees are advised to NOT seek the DS2019 documentation from their U.S. Host as yet. For those BHAVAN awardees who have received DS 2019 form/valid visa, please note that no outward travel will be approved until further notice. As soon as the situation improves, we will get in touch with you with the next steps. Until then, please practice social distancing and stay safe and healthy.

We understand that BHAVAN Awardees currently in the U.S. may face some uncertainty and travel restrictions in returning to India. However, for those who wish to return to India now, IUSSTF will make arrangements to facilitate the same.



The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) sponsors and American Physical Society (APS) administers the exchange of physicists, physics Ph.D. students, and postdocs between India and the United States. The program provides travel funds to selected applicants. Indian applicants must be affiliated with and working at an Indian institution at the time of application. Similarly, U.S. applicants must be affiliated with and working at a U.S. institution at the time of application.

Program is envisaged to:

  • 1.       Craft new linkages between U.S. and Indian institutions through individuals who have had no prior professional experience in the other country.
  • 2.       Create lasting partnerships and ongoing plans for follow-up activities between two researchers among both the countries.
  • 3.       Impact future career directions, especially in building leadership skills through this cultural and scientific exchange opportunity.

Qualification and Eligibility:
Professorship/Lectureship Awards:

Support physicists to provide a short course / lecture series at a U.S. or Indian institution.A joint proposal is invited from visiting scientist and the host institution to deliver a short course / lecture series.

Funding :

Grant up to USD 4,000 is provided for travel expenses associated with the visitation.

Ph.D. Student & Postdoc Visitation Program:

Support Ph.D. students and postdocs who wish to pursue opportunities in physics. Visitations may include travel grant to attend a Short Course, or summer Institute; Visit with a professor in his/her field of study. Work temporarily in a laboratory or Undertake another opportunity that the applicant and host believe is worthy of support.

Funding :

Grand up to USD 3,000 is provided for travel expenses associated with the visitation.

Proposals should be send via email to Michele Irwin, APS Office of International Affairs, at irwin@aps.org. Please include all application material in one pdf file. For more details please visit https://www.aps.org/programs/international/honors/us-india-travel.cfm

Contact Information

Dr. Chaitali Bhattacharya
Principal Science Officer
Mr.Sravan Paleti
Assistant Program Officer