ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology

ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) in partnership with the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF) announces the ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology. This program is open to ASM members and non-members alike. This program seeks to broaden scientific collaboration between India and the United States though travel grants that support research and teaching partnerships.

Eligibility Criteria
For Visiting Teaching Professorships
  • Actively engaged in teaching at post-secondary level.
  • Researchers and faculty members scientifically recognized in the area of microbiology.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

For Visiting Research Professorships
  • Researchers actively involved in microbiological sciences.
  • Preference given to early career scientists who have obtained a PhD, or other equivalent academic degree, within the past 10 years.

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks.

Contact Information

Dr. Chaitali Bhattacharya
Principal Science Officer
Mr. Sravan Paleti
Assistant Program Officer