Important Notice for BHAVAN Awardees 2019/2020

With the recent travel ban and advisories issued by the Indian and U.S. Governments due to the Coronavirus situation, and in light of the U. S. Embassy cancelling all current and future visa appointments in India for an indefinite period of time, BHAVAN awardees are advised to NOT seek the DS2019 documentation from their U.S. Host as yet. For those BHAVAN awardees who have received DS 2019 form/valid visa, please note that no outward travel will be approved until further notice. As soon as the situation improves, we will get in touch with you with the next steps. Until then, please practice social distancing and stay safe and healthy.

We understand that BHAVAN Awardees currently in the U.S. may face some uncertainty and travel restrictions in returning to India. However, for those who wish to return to India now, IUSSTF will make arrangements to facilitate the same.

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)


PIRE is NSF's (National Science Foundation, USA) flagship international programme to support high quality research and education projects across all disciplines. The programme aims to leverage the resources of individual funding agencies towards advancement of knowledge and the individual efforts of research groups cutting across national boundaries. The merit of the proposal is ascertained in terms of distinct advancement of knowledge encompassing creativity, originality and transformational character and the competence of investigating team. Special emphasis is put on the collaborative element.

The current PIRE solicitation is now open wef June, 2016. The final awards to successful applicants will be announced in June/July, 2017, after going through the overall evaluation process. In this round, NSF expects to generate 8–12 awards and contribute about $ 8–12 million annually over a five year period. NSF provides funds to US researchers under PIRE programme while other collaborators outside US have to arrange funding through their counterpart funding agencies.

SERB (Science & Engineering Research Board, India) has entered into an understanding with NSF to partner the programme. Indian researchers and research groups are encouraged to participate through their US collaborators. SERB will provide necessary financial support to such proposals, on the Indian side, if they are so found support worthy through the merit review system of NSF / SERB. Interested parties are advised to visit NSF website for details at



  • All areas of Science and Engineering are eligible for support. It may be noted that NSF doesn’t support medical research, hence, ‘medicine’ is excluded from the scope of this call.
  • Individual scientists and research groups from academic institutions, research laboratories and stand-alone / non-profit R&D institutions, which are otherwise eligible for normal DST / SERB grants, are eligible for support under PIRE programme. Normally, such institutions should be running PhD level programmes during preceding five years.

Contact Information

Nishritha Bopana


Babulal Chaudhary